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The leader of Thrawn’s Troops from Star Wars in a new statue by Iron Studios! Over the concrete steps of the fortress in Dathomir in the distant planet Peridea, a threatening sentinel with a worn-out white armor with cracks in the plaques mended with golden metallic details and many parts replaced by gray fragments, his helmet brings two red imperial coats of arms printed on top, and a golden metallic humanoid cover in the place of his face. Instead of a utility belt which is standard for Troopers, the military imperial leader brings a black blaster with golden details in his holster, which he uses as a black belt around his wine-red kama. Iron Studios expand their imperial forces with the statue “Captain Enoch – Star Wars – Art Scale 1/10”, the mysterious empire officer member of the surviving legion of Thrawn. Created for the TV series Ahsoka from streaming service Disney +, Captain Enoch, played by actor Wes Chatham, first appeared in the episode Part VI: Far, Far Away, and his armor was inspired by the golden armor of Mordred in the movie Excalibur from 1981. Enoch was the Captain of the Guard for Grand Admiral Thrawn during the exile of his galactic troops in the planet Peridea. The captain led Thrawn’s Legion of Night Troopers aboard the Star Destroyer Chimaera. Thrawn’s plans were interrupted by the warrior Ahsoka Tano’s arrival at Peridea. Enoch accompanied Thrawn on the Eye of Sion as it departed to the known galaxy, reaching the world Dathomir. As Thrawn’s lieutenant, he further exercised command over starfighter and gunship units, including Elsbeth’s scout guard fighters and the Chimaera’s surviving compliment of TIE fighters and LAAT/Ie patrol gunships. He was even granted command of the Eye of Sion during the transfer of the cargo to the Chimaera and thus gave orders for how to use its firepower, as per Thrawn’s orders. Presented on the Inside Iron Studios Day of March, already available for Pre-Order, check out the other statues Grand Admiral Thrawn and Night Trooper – Star Wars – Art Scale 1/10 among the future Star Wars releases from the Ahsoka series. Check out more news soon on Iron Studios’ social media and YouTube channel.

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22 x 10, 5 x 11 cm

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Febrero 2025